Women of Valor DVD Teachings

Various Teachers | Each DVD $15


This DVD set includes teachings and presentation dances from our 2014 Women of Valor conference in Nashville.

DVD Contents:

  1. "Eshet Chayil - The Warrior Bride" by Jane Diffenderfer,
    "A Wise Woman Builds Her House" by Dr. Diana Dye
  2. "Trim Healthy Mama" by Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison,
    "Power of Motherhood" by Nancy Campbell
  3. "FeMail Delivery, the Spirit of Prophecy" by Dr. Hollia Alewine,
    "Women in the Messianic Age" by Valerie Moody
  4. "Who Told You, You Must Be Silent?" by Miriam Stalsworth,
    "Standing Like Deborah in the Days to Come" by Laurie Cardoza-Moore
  5. "Ezer Kenegdo - God’s Design for Women" by Kisha Gallagher,
    "Verses of Praise" by Dr. Diana Dye
  6. "The Temple: The Model for the Home" by Dr. Diana Dye,
    "FeMail Deliverers: Discerning Parables of the Holy Spirit" by Dr. Hollisa Alewine
  7. Dance Presentations

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