Passover Special

Cup with Tray: Adorned with vines of grapes, this extraordinarily beautiful wine cup stands 6.5 inches tall and rests on matching 5 inch tray. Created from non-tarnishing silver plate for table or ceremonial use, the wine cup features exquisite embossed detailing. The cup weighs 10 ounces, and will not easily tip. Consider this a fine gift keepsake or for special celebrations. Inspired by the Holy Land of Israel.

Passover Plate: Passover tray is silver-plated with raised grapevine motif border. Features the Hebrew words for each of the Passover items.

Passover Matzah Cover: Deep blue velvet Passover matzah cover features fine embroidery and fringe edge detailing. Highlighted with metallic silver and gold.

You Shall Tell Your Children Haggadah: This Haggadah has been designed for your home or congregation and features a seder explanation and an easy-to-read layout. Includes Passover Celebration Guide.

Four items total $79

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