A Hanukkah Celebration

December 19-21
Nashville, Tennessee

In the spirit of the Macabbees, the Messianic Covenant Community invites you to a family-strengthening celebration. Dr. Hollisa Alewine, David Rives, Richard Rives, Tony Robinson, Scott Diffenderfer and more will lead courses of study for your whole family including:
  • The Spirit-Filled Family
  • The Power of Family Worship
  • Garden of Peace for Men
  • Women of Valor for Ladies
  • Creation Gospel for Teens
  • Maccabbee Warriors for Children
  • Worship and Dance for all Ages and Skill Levels

All at the Beautiful Sheraton Music City Hotel

Hotel Reservations: 615-885-2200 (ask for MCC group rate - only $75)

More Information:

Call 615-735-5072
Registration Fees: Singles $20; Couple $30; Family $50

Our Hanukkah Gift to You:

Register online or by phone and enjoy FREE conference registration for those who stay at least 3 nights at the Sheraton. Must book by December 5, 2014 for discount. Use coupon code SHERATON when checking out to save.


2:00pm Breakouts
   “Hour of Prayer” with Tony Robinson
   “Essential Oils” with Debbie Franek
3:00pm Breakouts
   “The Woman Warrior of Prov. 31” with Jane Diffenderfer
   “Lies, Vanity and Things Wherein There is no Profit” with Richard Rives
   “Spirit Filled Singles” with Dr. Hollisa Alewine
   “Creation Gospel for Teens - Seven Days of Creation” with Kisha Gallagher
4:00pm Breakouts
   “Fruitful Living” with Kelly Berry
   “The Heavens Declare His Glory” with David Rives
   “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” with Daniel Diffenderfer
   “Creation Gospel for Teens - Seven Spirits of God” with Kisha Gallagher
   “Beginner Dance Class” with Lisa Rubel
7:00-10:00pm GENERAL SESSION
   Worship with Elisha
   Teachings by Scott Diffenderfer and Tony Robinson
   Dances Presentations by A Time to Dance and Dancing with Jordi
   Worship with the Waggoner Family

10:00pm Social for College & Career (ages 18-25)
10:00pm Mature Singles (ages 26 and up) Gathering

9:00am Breakout
   “Standing with Israel - Morning Prayers” with Dr. Hollisa Alewine
10:00am Breakouts
   “Eating Clean, Kosher Style” with Tina Robinson
   “The Heavens Declare His Glory” with David Rives
   “The Marriage Commandments” - Part One with John Diffenderfer
   “Creation Gospel for Teens - Seven Feasts” with Kisha Gallagher
   “Children’s Maccabee Warriors” with the Waggoner Family
   “Woman, Created in His Image” with Jane Diffenderfer
11:00am Breakouts
   (TBA) with Tony Robinson
   “Underground Excavations in Jerusalem” with Richard Rives
   “Garden of Peace for Husbands - Part One” with Scott Diffenderfer
   “Creation Gospel for Teens - Seven Churches” with Kisha Gallagher
   “Children’s Maccabee Warriors Craft Class”
   “Spirit Filled Family for Wives - Part One” with Dr. Hollisa Alewine
   Worship with Steve Manning and Elisha
   Dr. Hollisa Alewine
   Tony Robinson,
   Scott Diffenderfer

7:00-10:00pm GENERAL SESSION
   Worship with Steve Manning & Elisha
   Teachings by David Rives and Scott Diffenderfer
   Banner & Dance Presentation from Dancing with Jordi
 10:30pm till midnight - Teen’s Pizza Party  
9:00am Breakout for Morning Prayer

10:00am Breakouts
   “The Marriage Commandments - Part Two” with John Diffenderfer
   “The Heavens Declare His Glory” with David Rives
   “Garden of Peace for Husbands - Part Two” with Scott Diffenderfer
   “Teens Breakout” with the Robinson Family
   “Children’s Maccabee Warriors” with the Waggoner Family 
   “Beginner Dance Class” with Lisa Rubel
   “Spirit Filled Family for Wives - Part Two” with Dr. Hollisa Alewine
11:00am Breakouts
   “Fruitful Living” with Kelly Berry
   “ Precepts of Sun Worship, Past and Present” with Richard Rives
   “Garden of Peace for Husbands - Part Three” with Scott Diffenderfer
   “Teen’s Session - Moving On” with Caleb & Chelsey Page and Daniel & Sarah Diffenderfer
   “Children’s Maccabee Warriors Craft Class”
   “Advanced Dance Class” with Jordon Rubel
    “Spirit Filled Family for Wives - Part Three” with Dr. Hollisa Alewine

SUNDAY AFTERNOON                   
   Worship with Elisha & Elaine
   Dr. Hollisa Alewine - “Being a Shepherdess of the Feasts”

2:00-4:00pm Breakouts for Men and Children
   “Children’s Maccabee Warriors” with The Waggoners and Craft Class
   “Men’s Midrash and Q&A” with Tony Robinson and Scott & Diffenderfer 

   A Very Special Rededication Service
   Worship with Robinson Family
   Dr. Hollisa Alewine - “Is Celebrating Chanukkah Adding to the Torah?”

They Walked With God Calendar for 2014-2015

16 months $18


We're glad to be able to provide this beautiful calendar to help remind you to walk in both spirit and truth! This Hebraic Roots art calendar for Messianic Believers is from Israel and is complete with frameable art by Israeli Messianic artist, Amy Sheetreet, for 16-months (September 2014 to December 2015).
  • All major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays with extensive explanation
  • All dates on both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems
  • Weekly Torah and Haftarah portions plus suggested New Testament readings
  • Sabbath candle lighting times
  • Highlighting rare and significant BLOOD MOONS and accompanying Solar Eclipse
  • Gorgeous art from Israel
  • Pages designed to be frameable
  • Produced and printed in Israel, to the highest standards
  • 4 Bonus Pages of Hebrew Learning materials


We've negotiated with our supplier to be able to provide discount pricing for you. This makes the calendars great gifts for friends, congregations or your family members.

1-10 calendars: $18
11-24 calendars: $15
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Register for Hanukkah

Online registration is no longer available, but you will still be able to sign up at our on-site registration desk this weekend in Nashville!

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