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Messianic Covenant Community is comprised of congregations, fellowships, families, and individuals from around the globe who realize the benefits of standing together: stability, continuity, strength, and greater vision.

As His people awaken to their lost heritage, it is a great blessing to walk with those who have been on this path for a longer period because we gain insight from their experience. Through being part of the Community, you can partake of our services and support and benefit from knowing that you are standing for something bigger than yourself. As our Community grows, relationships will be built and a network of people will emerge who support one another, even though our doctrines, missions, and visions, may not be identical. It is the love of Messiah Yeshua that binds us together and His Word that defines how we walk forward together. Welcome to the Messianic Covenant Community.

There are two ways to join the Messianic Covenant Community:


Our steward program is how individuals, couples, and families can support our Community. For a set monthly donation, you will have total access to our website and support. You will receive an optional Directory listing, and more. The monthly donation will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card to make it convenient for you each month.

Individuals $8 per month
Couples $12 per month
Families $18 per month


Congregation membership recommended donation is $88 dollars per year. 

We ask that you send a portion of the tithes and offerings you collect on a monthly basis. We recommend that you send a tithe of your tithes, but also do not want to weaken the local assemblies, so send what you are able and led to send by His Holy Spirit. Member congregations will receive a certificate of membership, discounts to our events, mentoring from our Elder’s Board as requested, ongoing support, a premier listing on our directory, and more.

Steward Membership

Please include any information you would like displayed in our online Directory. Leave any items blank you would like not listed on our site.

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